Double destinies

Giovanni Giudici


4,99 €

A surprising journey across continents, backwards and forwards in time….
The Parisian writer Anatole France wondered whether chance was the pseudonym of God when He did not want to sign.
If you find yourself reading this book, a fine balance of twentieth century art, rediscovery of the soul, awareness of a new vital energy and time travel blended in a unique endless search, you will feel you are taking part in this journey, which is unpredictable right up to the very last line.
A fast-paced detective story, set in the future as well in the past, that will take you to New York, Verona, Stockholm, Perugia, Paris, Rimini, Lviv, Cairo, Alexandria, Egypt, Tuscany and Franciacorta. The thread link these places in different periods, while it carefully weaves the many nuances of a passionate love.

The author: Lives in Italy and works in Italy and United States. He was born in Brescia (Italy) in 1965. He works in communication and the development of new markets. In 2017 he published this his first novel.

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