Notebooks from China (and much more) 2 – 2014

Alberto Forchielli – Romeo Orlandi


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The asian continent is quivering, China is going through happenings that can have relevant consequences on the whole world. Our two authors, Albert Forchielli and Romeo Orlandi, who have been experts on asian and chinese matters for a long time, offer us once again a privileged outlook on that society, providing a detailed and updated picture of what shakes the chaotic oriental continent. The second volume of “Notebooks of China” talks about this political and geographic area’s ability of being contemporary and, at the same time, allows us to understand the geopolitical and economic scenarios that are building up in Asia and in the rest of the world. The Notebooks are a useful tool to comprehend that part of the world that we are still struggling to see, but that we absolutely can not ignore any longer.

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